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There are so many courses, what makes you different?

Awakened Life School of Yoga has been teaching students to teach yoga for almost 10 years. We have years of experience in cultivating the most advanced and polished teachers who are fully confident and able to teach in a way that is considered advanced after only their 200HR.

In our school, it’s like college. You’ll have an expert for anatomy, one for meditation, another for philosophy, etc. You'll experience an array of teachers and breadth and depth that is unique to our school. You’ll never hear just one dominating voice in our school – we teach as a community and cooperatively.

All our teachers have been trained directly by the Masters that we all know such as Pattabhi Jois, BKS Iyengar, Dharma Mittra, Erich Schiffman, Shiva Rea, Seane Corn, Cyndi Lee… So, you get direct access to the masters in all your training.

Our expert teachers have years of wisdom and experience and have been doing this work for a LONG time. You can rest assured you are being trained by experts.

Why does your course cost more than some others?

Like many things in life, you get what you pay for. Our Yoga Education is a top-notch, personalized and highly transformative experience. We bring in a group of teachers and a high-level of expertise to ensure your experience is nearly perfect. It’s premium, but not over-the-top---just right in food, accommodations, experts and materials.

Our experience is a “premium” because you get a premium education and training. One that will differentiate you from the masses of schools producing teachers – because you will be teaching at a much higher, advanced level.

This will give you an advantage in applying and auditioning for jobs. You’ll get noticed much faster and get teaching opportunities much quicker and that will mean more pay.

Will I be doing advanced poses and practices in the advanced 300HR course?

The 300HR course is our “advanced” course but it doesn’t mean you are doing advanced poses and practice all the time. We carefully balance giving you a solid foundation and then building on that, while ensuring you are getting all the right tools in your toolbox to really make you a masterful teacher. Expect a well-balanced, nourishing experience with a good amount of challenge!

Will I have to be doing a bunch of advanced poses in the 200HR?

No, our courses ae designed to meet you where you are at. No need to know all the fancy poses and be advanced in your practice. People who are in the beginning stages of their yoga practice are very welcome and are a great fit for our program.

Level & Certification


What is the difference between 200HR and 300HR and 500HR?

200HR is the foundational course that will give you all the tools you need to teach yoga. At Awakened Life, we teach you what is considered to be the “advanced” way of teaching yoga by giving you the skills to teach “off the mat” in your 200HR. Most 200HR courses will teach you to teach by doing the class with your students, on the mat. We recommend that you learn how to teach off the mat right away and differentiate yourself from the masses. 

The 300HR course is the “advanced” course for people who have a 200HR certificate from another school or from Awakened Life. (If it's from another school, that school must be Yoga Alliance Certified in order for you to take our 300HR training.)  This course is truly for those ready to take their skills to Mastery-Level and catapult their teaching and yoga career. 

The 500HR course is for those who want to “knock-out” their 200HR and their 300HR courses back to back in the most shortened timeframe, and cost-effective manner. We offer this course once a year in Bali in November and December. This is a rare, hard to find offering and is for those who are ready to take a big leap and get it done all at once!

Can I get into the 300HR course without a 200HR level?

Generally, we won’t recommend that you take our advanced 300HR level course without having your 200HR. In some rare exceptions, you can join in if you have been teaching yoga and feel you are ready for this advanced experience. In this situation, we would talk with you and determine the right course for you.

You do not have to have a Yoga Alliance approved 200HR course to attend this training. The only requirement is that you have completed the 200 hours in some way!

Is Yoga Alliance required to teach yoga?

While Yoga Alliance is not a mandatory requirement, more and more studios are requiring it in order for you to teach. Because of that, it's probably a smart idea to go with a Yoga Alliance school.  We are happy to chat with you about it, reach out if you have any questions.



Will I need a passport?

Yes, you will need a passport, and to be safe, one that does not expire within 6 months.

Is a Visa required?

Visa requirements for each of our locations will be explained to you when you register. Just know this - it's easy to obtain a Visa from all of the countries where we hold yoga teacher trainings!

Are your venues safe?

We have carefully chosen our venues to promote relaxation and wellness. All of our venues and the local towns are safe and friendly – take the same level of care you’d take when traveling to any foreign country, and you’ll be fine.

Where should I exchange money?

We always recommend that you exchange money once you arrive to your destination, in the local town. You will get a better exchange rate here than you will in the airport facilities. Please alert your credit card companies that you are traveling to avoid a fraud protection action against your account.

What other services will be available?

All our venues have wonderful spa and wellness services where you can take advantage of lovely body treatments. You will also have the opportunity to work 1:1 with your faculty in private yoga sessions, private meditation training, personalized life coaching and other healing modalities. Information on these options will be provided to you upon your arrival. All our locations also offer exciting and fun excursion options. It’s best to organize your excursions and other activities once you arrive and understand your particular training schedule.

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