Student Testimonials

Polly – USA

The training I received at ALSY changed my life. It made me a better, stronger person who is better equipped to handle the waves of life. I also feel confident and well trained as a yoga teacher! A...LSY took my love of yoga and helped me turn it into a way to serve the world. Read Less Read more

Jaclyn – USA

I came to the Awakened Life TT in Costa Rica at the very last minute, because I was already in Costa Rica and I had just discovered yoga as a tool for healing my mind, body, and soul. I was already on... a healing journey, so when I discovered the healing power of yoga I needed to learn more. The best path for me was through a yoga teacher training, and the Awakened Life TT just happened to be getting ready to begin and had space for me. In just 20 days I discovered my purpose and my place in this world. I am a healer and yoga is an amazing tool for healing. Read Less Read more

Colin – USA

The group we had in Costa Rica 2018 was unbeatable, we bonded very quickly and felt comfortable with each other, which made learning during the training a great experience. We were immersed in yoga an...d the people around us and the teachers. The Awakened Life Faculty were wonderful. Read Less Read more

Chelsea – USA

Through my immersion experience I was able to fully absorb educational material without the stresses of everyday life. ALSY faculty are top-notch and were incredibly intuitive throughout the entire pr...ocess. The immersion also allowed for the creation of a strongly bonded yoga family. I'm extremely grateful for my experience and will forever carry it with me. Read Less Read more

Jayme – USA

Awakened Life is more than an instructional yoga school. It is a place to give and receive love and encouragement as well as practical knowledge. It gave me a new perspective and insight into myself a...nd the way I perceive and receive others. I am forever changed and blessed for this experience. Read Less Read more

Travis – USA

Choose Awakened Life, you will not regret it! Awakened Life was a true immersion right from day one. Not only was the entire course beautiful planned out but the balance between personal development ...and yoga training was something rarely experienced. Liz, Muriel, and Joe are exceptional teachers who truly care about you as a student and each brings their own personality and expertise. Read Less Read more

Lorraine – USA

A very positive and enlightening experience…! Did not realize I was not a “team player” until I was encouraged to “trust the process” and continually work with others to get the job done. Even thoug...h I enjoy being with others, it was out of my comfort zone to actually work with them and I did it! Read Less Read more

Brittney – Canada

This experience was more than just learning to teach. We are truly “awakened”. I came here hoping to learn something about myself and I have learned a lot of things about myself I didn’t know before.... I also made some beautiful connections that will last a lifetime. I know I am headed home as a new me, an awakened me. I can also finally do chaturanga properly! Read Less Read more

Cora – Canada

Awakened Life School has truly given me a fresh perspective. It has taught me things about myself that I never acknowledged before. It showed me that by learning to trust the process, we can see bea...uty in the heartaches too. We learned about yoga and anatomy – but more importantly, we learned how to become unstuck! Read Less Read more

Camille – USA

No matter who you are or where you’re from, your background or hesitations, this YTT is for you! You have to start right now, where you are, and get ready for your heart to grow! This YTT is magical... and transformative! It has taught me the tools to be a strong, fearless, and confident teacher and woman. The community of the fellow students and faculty are incredibly supportive and loving. Read Less Read more

Annette – USA

I am 65 years old and at this point in my life, what I need to do is to keep learning and growing. The YTT experience provided a platform for growth on many levels. It pushed my physical being to a ...wonderful level and pushed my brain to absorb large quantities of information at a rapid pace. It challenged my heart and soul to embrace the spiritual shifts that yoga offers. I am blessed that I had the option of this experience and am filled with gratitude for Awakened Life. Read Less Read more

Casey – USA

When I decided to do a yoga teacher training, I expected to challenge myself, strengthen my practice, and of course learn to teach a yoga class. This experience has given me everything I expected and ...hoped to receive and so much more. The Awakened Life journey is absolutely life-altering and incredible. I've learned so much about myself, other people, and life through this program. I truly believe everyone needs an experience like this in order to heal, and discover how to live yoga in all aspects of life. Read Less Read more

Julia – USA

I am Extremely inspired to teach and I feel confident to take that leap as soon as I return home. I came to this training to gain a better understanding of myself and for more personal growth along deepening my yoga practice. I am leaving with much more love and compassion for myself, something I have long struggled with. Read Less Read more

Jill – Dubai

Reading other testimonials I was a little skeptical that all past students' experiences were so positive, however, I really found that this was the case. The teachers and assistants are amazing, pos...itive, supportive and very experienced. The program is very well organized and delivered, nothing is left to chance. It's clear that all the finer details are worked out in advance to ensure the best experience for students. Feedback was always constructive and well thought out and delivered. Read Less Read more

Jenna – USA

This was a journey of self-discovery. Realizing that yoga is not just exercise, it is a way to live a better life! Yoga is the union of the body and soul, a commitment to self love, a cultivation of c...ommunity. I am so glad I found the courage to embark on this experience. Read Less Read more

Charly – USA

The structure of the 200 hour yoga training was well thought out, creating an environment suitable for growth and comfort. The relationships I've built with the students and teachers are ​for a lif...etime. I am so grateful and honored to be a part of the Awakened Life alumni. Read Less Read more

Tarrin – Australia

Yoga is more than just a physical practice, and each day I was here in Bali, I began to feel that more and more.  Yes, I learned the technicalities, but I also learned about my heart, my soul, my... mind and how it all interconnects.  If you’re sitting on the fence about signing up – take the jump, say yes!  This is the best thing I’ve done in my whole LIFE!   Read Less Read more

Dane – USA

I came to Bali and Awakened Life School of Yoga to deepen my personal practice.  I have learned so much about myself and where I would like to be in the future.  I could not be happier with ...the choice I made to come to this school.  The teachers are excellent, the structure is perfect and it has been amazing! Read Less Read more

Laurel – Canada

Deciding to attend YTT in Bali with Awakened Life just over 3 years ago was easy: I was ready for change; I had some time on my hands; and I wanted to expand on my previous yoga experience. However, a...s someone who turns 60 in 2017, the decision was not without some reservations. Although first introduced to yoga in my 20's, and having attended workshops and even taught classes in Denmark for a while, my body was getting older and I wondered how could I keep up in a teacher training, where I surely would be among mostly younger students. The first impression I got when I inquired about the program  was just a warm, reassuring, welcome from Liz and Chris. I had read some of the earlier testimonials and signed up! I was the oldest student in that session, but it did not matter. I learned to pay attention to my needs and to focus on what worked for me.  The overall experience was more than I had hoped for. The excellent teaching staff and daily program, the amazing students from around the world who took the journey with me, and the supportive environment that Liz and Chris created really was worth every cent. The teachings, so many words of wisdom and encouragement, the acceptance and love, all lifted me up and filled me with the desire to teach and the confidence to begin offering classes the very next month!   That was 3 years ago. I have taught ever since YTT, often to groups of people older than myself. They have taught me that age is just a number. And many times when I am teaching, I recall the words of the teachers from my YTT; whispering in my ear at just the right moment, and I am filled with gratitude for Liz, Chris and all the Awakened Life community. If you are hesitating to make the leap to attend YTT because you are 'older', take my advice and just go for it. You will not regret it! I feel younger now, that I did when I attended 3 years ago! Read Less Read more

Karen – USA

You will enjoy an experienced staff, personal attention, and growth beyond expectation as a yoga teacher.  But, also as a human being.  If you’re ready to address and overcome fears, self-do...ubt and blockages, this is the training for you! Read Less Read more

Natacha – Switzerland

My adventure with Awakened Life School of Yoga was amazing and priceless.  I got to know so much about myself in order to grow and take a huge step in my life through their program.  I met a...n incredible community and I found true friendships that will last.  If you want to experience something that can change your life in a good way, I recommend this program.  Thank you to the ALSY team – you are beautiful people and I love you! Read Less Read more

Holly – USA

If you are ready to explore the yoga practice as a whole, prepare yourself!  It is a deep self-inquiry that can open you to many new sides of yourself and the world as a whole.  The depths o...f yoga are not for the “faint of heart” but in each of us is a divine spark that has the courage to explore.  Dive in and trust the process! Read Less Read more

Toni – USA

My experience with Awakened Life School of Yoga has been one of empowerment.  Our community created a safe space where we were free to take off our masks, be seen, be heard and encouraged to step... into a new way of being.  To live our truth and share our passions with the world. Read Less Read more

Tanya – USA

Although I was prepared for the advanced training to be intensive, I had no idea the depth of transformation that would happen on a mental level, but physical and spiritual as well. I did not return h...ome the same person that I was when I arrived to Costa Rica. The teachers were so amazing! I am thankful to have taken your program. I highly, without any hesitation, 100% recommend! Read Less Read more

Susan – Canada

Awakened Life School of Yoga is a journey of the mind, body and soul, through integration of experiential learning and the practice of “arriving”. My life has changed and I have “arrived”.

Porter – USA

This experience has given me the grounding and tools for a compassionate life.  Yoga is just one very important piece in all of that.  The whole experience was an incredible mixture of people, great yoga and vital self-awareness. Read Less Read more

Ally – USA

My YTT journey with Awakened Life was a true growth experience physically, mentally and spiritually.  I was given the tools and training to embed my values of compassion and gratitude into my yog...a practice and beyond!  The variety of teachers and learning made the information easily digestable and I feel confident to apply what I’ve learned into my classes.  The surroundings are tranquil and it allowed me to fully emerge and transform.  I will definitely be back for more training with Awakened Life! Read Less Read more

Lisa – USA

YTT was an experience that not only deepened my sporadic practice but also gave me a concise understanding of the asanas and how they can directly relate to building strength, discipline and fortitude... on and off the mat. I learned that I was stronger and more determined than I gave myself credit for, and at the same time that it's ok to be soft, gentle, and vulnerable. The overall experience was life changing and inspiring! Read Less Read more

Caroline – USA

YTT has made me a better person. The training introduced me to people from all walks of life who have a common vision of self-exploration and yoga. YTT reminded me of my true essence through a space of non-judgment and self love. During this experience I have felt so much support and love from people I just meant and faculty. I did not know anything about the program before, my advice is: Take the leap, I promise it is life changing! Read Less Read more

Gabrielle – USA

Through this YTT experience I found strength that I thought I had lost. I grew as a person and learned new things about myself. It has really helped me in my transition into being a strong, confident Read Less Read more

Anita – Canada

This experience has been amazing – pushing limits of comfort zone living, bringing to the surface old issues holding me back and providing incredible support and safety to explore and grow. I was able... to bring down my walls and dive into an incredible journey of spiritual growth. And, you make amazing friends! Read Less Read more

Julie – Denmark

Intense and fun weeks in the best company imaginable! Laughter and learning combined in beautiful surroundings guided by inspiring and amazing teachers who are always ready to help and support. A true... community of love. Read Less Read more

Liz – USA

ALSY has a beautiful blend of the mechanics of teaching yoga in an accessible "building-block" learning style and a commitment to personal growth and spiritual development on a deeper level. It create...d a safe and supportive environment in which we could break down our old patterns and take a good look at ourselves in order to build a strong foundation as yoga teachers and as people finding our place in the world. It was a transformational and educational experience for those that committed themselves to the program. Read Less Read more

Victoria – USA

I am forever changed by this beautiful experience. This program has transformed me in ways that I didn’t even know were possible. There is so much positive, empowering and magical components to ALSY.... Not only did my physical practice improve, but I also grew mentally and emotionally into the best version of myself. This staff creates a community that flows with love, grace and knowledge. I am incredibly grateful for my experience with this School. Thank you so much! Read Less Read more

Lola – Canada

Now love yoga even more and my hunger to practice is stronger. It is definitely going to be a big change in my life and thanks to ALSY for opening my heart in such a beautiful way. This is not it. I a...m already thinking of my 300HRs! Read Less Read more

Ar-Rahman – USA

Yoga Teacher Training was such a great experience. I felt this was a great time for me to heal from my past, while learning how to pass on healing to others. I’ve seen a lot so far in my life growin...g up in NYC and the conditioning I received about how to be a man, and this experience has taught me that I can live in my truth and I don’t have to live in a “false sense” of who I am and my own masculinity. I am finally able to be authentic and to just be me. The faculty at ALSY believed in me and I am so thankful to see my own worth. I’ve grown so much and now I follow the path of my own heart! Read Less Read more

Yara – Australia

Everyone comes to the yoga teacher training with a different background, you grow as a group, and in the end it is so beautiful that you don’t want to leave.  I developed a strong practice, and I... also learned how to give joy to other people around me through the gift of yoga.  My training with Awakened Life has given me a lot of inspiration! Read Less Read more

Yasmin – Switzerland

Liz and Chris have founded this school upon the heart and the warmth of that radiates through in all levels. From the inspiring faculty, to the threads of learning and growth they pull together to c...reate their solid program, to all the tangibles and intangibles that are subtle parts of the profound experience. A place to awaken your soul to see your true beautiful self, with the utmost gentleness and love. A way to find your way back to your heart forever. Read Less Read more

Annabelle – Canada

At 59 yrs. of age, I decided to become a yoga instructor.  I had done yoga 30 years before and remembered it as being the time in my life where I felt my best.  If I was going to do this, wh...y not go somewhere beautiful and exciting, like Bali.  I found Awakened Life Yoga met ALL my hopes and expectations.  This included help discussing whether in fact this training would be suitable for me. The beautiful accommodations, excellent food, great location but most important the instructors!  The poses that I could not do, became a teaching opportunity!  The teacher was able to show me,  how to modify the pose, important as everyone that walks into a yoga class is likely not going to be able to do every pose. I was always encouraged by the teachers and students alike!  Understanding the anatomy is so important and why we all look different in a pose.  This training was the best decision I have ever made.  On May 6, 2013 I came home and opened "SOL Seasons of Life Wellness and Yoga", and have been teaching yoga full time ever since.  I know this journey would never have occurred if I had not had the quality of instructors, who genuinely cared!  I am still in touch with my teachers and many of the students my community, my sangha! Read Less Read more

Amy – USA

My YTT with Awakened Life was just what the doctor ordered to set me on a divine new life path, the training was well organized and the support from the staff and the teachers was top notch. Liz,, and all the ALSY are exceptional at what they do - they are both professional and mindful and show just the right amount of caring to help guide students through the training while allowing them to come into their own as teachers. The 200Hr training program in Bali, I felt was just the right mix of asana, lecture and meditation and left me feeling confident as I embarked on my own teaching journey, I am so happy I decided to take the leap! Read Less Read more

Kyle – USA

Awakened Life School of Yoga is where some of the best memories I've ever made have taken place - so much so that I am coming back in the fall of 2017 to assist a YTT! However it was not just the yoga... curriculum or practice that changed my life for the better, but the entire experience. Bali is beautiful in land and culture, and is the perfect place to bring together all the wonderful people coming to the training. The sights, lessons, and laughs are endless. The two months I spent with ALSY helped me to discover and create my best self possible. The faculty is full of life experience and is so open with their past and process that they made it easy for students to open up to our most raw and vulnerable selves. This is where the true lessons began and where we were able to start building our most powerful selves. I truly cannot thank them enough! ALSY has done just that, "Awakened my life" to the life I have always wanted and the life I deserve. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Read Less Read more

Justin – USA

The program has rejuvenated my soul. It has been such an amazing experience and will have a profound effect on how I move forward in my life. Thank you to ALSY for an amazing experience.

Jacque – USA

Awakened Life opened my heart to the truth and beauty of my life. I’ve learned not only to accept myself; I’ve learned to love myself. I’ve learned to ask for help from others when I need it, and to give thanks to others when it’s due. I’ve learned how to cultivate strength and light within me and be confident in spreading it to the world. I’m eternally grateful for the growth this school provided me with. I am transformed now into the butterfly I was meant to be! Read Less Read more

Taylor – USA

In a world of being taught to shove away your feelings or told to “just get over it” Liz and Chris have cultivated a wonderful environment that encourages individuals to challenge that way. Come. your bags and fly. They will not let you fall. Traveling across the world on my own scared me so bad I almost quit before I began. If you’re scared, that’s okay. Everyone is. Take the leap anyway - this is where life begins. Whether you are a beginner like me, or an experienced yogi, this is for you! Read Less Read more

Nathan – USA

When I set out on a quest for a Yoga Teacher Training, I really did not know where to start. I was nervous, scared, and even oblivious to which type of teacher training would be best for me. When I st...umbled across The Awakened Life School of Yoga I immediately felt peace and sure about my decision to join them. The training was so much more than what I thought it would be and I left a completely changed person. The faculty and assistants were so welcoming and caring and truly offered support to every student there. I never felt alone and always felt like I could talk to anyone about what I was experiencing. The teachers are some of the best I have ever worked with and trained under. They come from a wide background with a wealth of knowledge and an unabashed love of Yoga, it definitely transcends onto the students. To this day I still come back to my moments in Bali 2014, sitting by the ocean for quiet time in the morning, meditating, practicing, and learning. My practice has grown stronger and I feel as though I have all the tools I need in order to be a successful teacher. If you are looking for a YTT program and want to leave with a unique training, an invigorated practice, and a strong self-awareness then you HAVE to choose The Awakened Life School of Yoga. You won’t regret it! Read Less Read more

Emmylou – USA

Just jump in with your two feet and let go of yourself… That is what I learned! I was really nervous and lost before coming to the YTT in Bali. What have I done? How am I going to adapt and will I lik...e the people? After a few days though I realized I didn’t need to worry anymore, and that I was being take care of! I was a member of a new family that was created for us. It was one of the best experiences I ever lived from start to finish. Read Less Read more

Leigh – USA

Grow in your practice, take the leap of faith and join the Awakened Life School of Yoga YTT – it is way more than just a teacher training program, it’s a family! Not only did I grow in my yoga practi...ce and knowledge, but I grew as a person. Learning self- worth, finding my authentic voice, appreciating the beauty of life, and connecting with my mind, body and soul only begins to touch the surface of what this program did for me. So much love, laughter, spirit, authenticity, strength, and fun! Read Less Read more

Daniela – Germany

If you are looking to improve your vinyasa teaching skills including sequencing, assisting and adding depth to you classes, you are in for a treat! Beautiful location, wonderful staff, and a very prof...essional, inspiring and positively encouraging faculty. I loved the depth of the practice sessions that were interwoven with group activities and fun. A place and opportunity to grow, evolve and realize your own potential! Read Less Read more

Matt – Canada

When looking into a retreat to obtain an YTT certificate, Awakened Life was the obvious choice from their professional correspondence and website.  My high expectations were exceed beyond words m...ainly from the wisdom and experiences shared by all the teachers.  By far the best experience I have had and a truly life-changing journey. Read Less Read more

Kristen – USA

I have learned so much about myself from this experience. I have transformed into a more confident person, teacher and student. I've found strengths within myself on and off the mat I never knew exist...ed. I walk away from this experience more excited about life than I did when I go off the plane. I will forever be grateful for everything I've learned, the warmth of the teachers, and all the wonderful support. My heart is filled with love, joy and strength to bring my knowledge to the world! Read Less Read more

Tawyna – USA

From the first day, the experience far exceeded my expectations. From the setting, to the people, to the teachers and the classes. I was blown away daily by the breakthroughs people were having and ho...w knowledgeable the faculty was! This is some of the best money I have ever spent on myself and I am going to be spreading all I learned to the world around me. Read Less Read more

Rehana – USA

“Yoga isn’t a practice of doing …. but of un-doing.” That’s exactly what I realized coming to ALSY. I undid my ideals of control, let go of my doubts and insecurities, and released my fears for the fu...ture. When I challenged myself to become open to nature, discomforts, and even myself, I began to transform. I changed. My practice changed. The world changed. The teaching team are incredibly skilled and talented and are truly inspirational. My life was a dream… but now I am indeed awakened! Read Less Read more

Austin – USA

My experience not only changed my life, but it taught me that constant change is okay. Something to embrace and it’s something to cherish! I learned to value of self -love and self- acceptance in orde...r to be my absolutely best self. This way I can give back to the world. Life is good. Life is beautiful. Life is infinite. This journey has re-awakened the wisdom of my soul and re-ignited the flame of my ever-soaring spirit! Jai! Read Less Read more

Salma – USA

Prenatal TT - This Yoga Teacher Training has helped evolve my teaching, as well as my own practice and outlook on life. I have more to offer my students.

Pernille – Denmark

I found a way to the middle of my heart, and therefore I feel able to go home and be a better person, and teach yoga from the heart instead of from my mind.

Bella – England

I always loved yoga but I never understood that yoga was a way of life. Now I feel it! I really feel my yoga in my life now. It’s in me, I am awakened!

Beth – USA

This experience allowed me to be forgiving to myself and others while doing a lot of self-exploration. When you're open to the world, the world gives back. Whatever you're in search of, just know that... you already have it inside. Read Less Read more

Rachel – USA

I completed 500hrs of training with Awakened Life School of Yoga over a period of almost 3 years and the amount of wisdom and growth I’ve gained is breath-taking. I truly feel awake. This experience a life changer and I’m so grateful. Read Less Read more

Kamila – Canada

My time at this YTT was amazing. I met my soul sisters that I will have for the rest of my life. The amount of love and support was really refreshing.

Katie – USA

My 500HR YTT was life transforming.  I became a better version of the way I interact with others.  I would recommend this course to anyone interested in deepening their yoga practice or who is passionate about teaching yoga.  The teachers are knowledgeable and approachable.  The curriculum is well thought out, engaging, and thorough. Read Less Read more

Shana – USA

Prenatal TT - This training came at a perfect time in my life as I am deep into my initiation to womanhood. I feel very confident in my skills to teach pregnant women. More importantly, I feel more in... touch with the archetypal feminine wisdom inside me, more inspired to continue my healing work with other women, and more integrated and empowered as a woman. Read Less Read more

Corina – Australia

Prenatal TT - I loved learning how to teach prenatal yoga. The teachers, Marie and Clair, have a huge amount of knowledge and experience to share. For me it was emotional at times and when this happen...ed, I was offered lots of support and guidance. The course offers many challenges and so much information. I am happy to have the tools to empower women through their pregnancy. Read Less Read more

Rachel – Canada

Awakened Life is so much more than a Yoga Teacher Training –it shows you how to LIVE YOGA!  I have taken away so much. Most importantly, I have the tools to be more aware and mindful of others an...d myself. I feel hopeful that because of Awakened Life, I can inspire peace in others and myself. How freaking awesome is that? Read Less Read more

Jessica – USA

There are not enough words to describe the experience I had. A few words come to mind- Life changing, inspirational, grounding, opening, grateful, informative, and interactive, the most amazing experi...ence with a really amazing group of people. I think I speak for most of the group in saying that we are leaving here with a new outlook on ourselves, and our lives, as well as leaving with a whole new family that we will take with us in our hearts back to our “normal” lives.  I wish I could stay in this awesome bubble forever! Read Less Read more

Barrett – USA

My YTT journey has forever changed me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I feel stronger in so many ways. I’m inspired beyond words. Liz, Chris, Margi, Joe and Sarah all had different ...insights to offer and I feel that I have gained a great deal from each of them. The program surpassed my expectations in so many ways from the attention to detail, to fun surprises, to the genuine support we received throughout the journey.  It has been transformational, and I have memories and friendships to last a lifetime. Read Less Read more

Rehana – USA

Prenatal TT - Teaching prenatal yoga could be an intimidating concept; however the faculty at ALSY thoroughly and effectively detailed and instructed us to teach authentically and from the heart, whil...e providing us a vast amount of knowledge and information so that we can relate, educate, support and nurture our students in a safe and loving way. This training has not only helped me in all avenues of instructing fitness, wellness and yoga but also supported me in my personal development. Read Less Read more

Danielle – USA

Children’s TT – This training was absolutely amazing! Caprice is one of the most skilled educators I have ever come across, and manages to deliver extraordinary amounts of information in the most fun ...and lively manner. I found that this training is applicable to anyone who interacts with children, and proves you with the tools to empower the next generation for success and purpose by being mindful of how language, play and circumstances can shape children. Read Less Read more

Marisa – USA

The Awakened Life School of Yoga teachers and assistants teach from the heart and are sensitive to each student’s unique experience. I certainly would not call this an “easy” or “relaxing” experience,... but I would call it worthwhile. I did it! I am so proud that I did. I’ve found my voice as a student, a teacher and a person. Read Less Read more

Arta – Switzerland

I am very thankful for the healing, awakening and self-reflective experience. I cannot describe how much I am looking forward to live my life more positively, happily and peacefully. I learned so much... about life, yoga, myself and the world. It was an excellent opportunity to deepen my yoga practice and teaching skills. Further, I gained self-confidence in general and in teaching. Read Less Read more

Veronica – Bali

This is not just a training based on theory, it is a self-exploration to find your real own truth as a human on earth.  To feel grounded and at the same time, to feel open to your most intuitive ...inner self. Read Less Read more

Adelen – Norway

This training is a physical and mental challenge that takes you deeper inside yourself. If you follow the flow and do not stray, even when it is hard, you will expand your love and understanding in a ...way you have never had before. Read Less Read more

Lianne – Canada

This teacher training is amazing. Words cannot express the lightness that I feel.  I am more peaceful and contented and self-assured. I have been part of other personal development courses and is by far so much more. Read Less Read more

Stormy – USA

From the moment we got here we were told that we were all here at this moment for a reason.  For something far greater than we could even imagine and that we were all connected.  As the prog...ram progressed, I could see that this could not be more accurate.  The friendships and memories you’ll make here are incredible and life- long.  I would recommend this program to everyone and would love to do it again ASAP!  The teachers are so knowledgeable and the classes really shape you into being an amazing teacher.  I will never forget this pace and what it did for me.  So much love for Chris and Liz for creating such a magical experience day in and day out.  Do it – you won’t regret it! Read Less Read more

Danielle – USA

This journey softened my heart and inspired me to live more compassionately.  I always felt safe and cared for.

Alana – USA

I was speaking with Yogi friends who have done a YTT and they were so impressed with the curriculum and training that I received at Awakened Life School of Yoga.  They were “wowed” by the fact I was taught asanas with such detail…they said they never received much of the learning material that I did in my immersion training.  Many people have told me how impressed they are with my level of knowledge and teaching capability and I’ve only just finished the course a month ago!  Awakened Life has an amazing well-rounded program and that is not the case everywhere.  They put so much love into what they do and help yogis like me lead and teach from the heart! Read Less Read more

Bailey – USA

There is a reason why the name is “Awakened Life”, because that is precisely what your team and teachers do, they help you wake up when you didn’t even know you were sleeping. They challenge you while... providing unconditional support, creating the ultimate environment for transformation. Truly a beautiful and life changing experience. I couldn’t have been any happier with this school to complete my 300 hour training. Without a doubt one of the best choices I have ever made! Read Less Read more

Shana – USA

The 500 Hour YTT experience has changed my life. I have gained confidence, improved my self-esteem, found my voice and I am ready to go out in the world to heal and teach. The experience goes way than learning highly technical teaching skills. I’ve learned to love, accept, and free myself fully. Read Less Read more

Catherine – Canada

In this training, you are really going to live the yoga experience, not just the poses. You’re going to have the most extraordinary teachers in the world. You are going to be well prepared to be a yog...a teacher.You’re going to experience how to be love, and how to love yourself. Read Less Read more

Ramona – Switzerland

This 7 weeks changed my view of myself. I’m more self-confident and I believe in myself. Now I know, that if I really want something, I can get it.

Laurie – Canada

Doing this retreat brought me so much more than I imagined! The program helped create a deep understanding that I matter in the world, and the teachers supported and guided us on our journey to unique yoga teachers. I learned deeply about myself, and in the process, discovered the whole universe of yoga. Moreover, you can’t dream of a more beautiful place, with delicious food, and a caring staff. And I met friends I will have forever. I recommend this experience to anyone…follow your dreams! Read Less Read more

Jia – USA

The timing perfectly lined up for me to take a precious 3-week training in Bali, and I had such an unforgettable time with 14 other students from all over the world, and great teachers and staff from ...Awakened Life Yoga School. We created our own closely bonded community that will always support us through distance and time. The resort was the perfect place for this special training. It was located right on the beach, and the attentive hotel staff made our whole stay relaxing, comfortable and enjoyable. If something in your heart is calling, pick up your bag, take the teacher training in Bali, and let your own transformation begin! Read Less Read more

Sarah – Ireland

The Awakened Life School of Yoga Teacher Training course really stands out for its professionalism and attention to detail. It was apparent from the beginning that there was a huge amount of care and ...thought going into  every aspect of the course. What was wonderful, was that within this careful structure there was so much room for the individual. The environment was genuinely non competitive.  You could get really comfortable with your discomfort, and with that you were free to risk and expand in a very personal way. Being out of our comfort zones felt almost playful. There was deep learning, big changes and lots of laughter. Read Less Read more

Michelle – USA

Time for me now will forever be defined as Pre-Bali and Post-Bali. My life before was defined by others and my life after is defined for others. The greatest lesson I learned from my training was how ...effortless it was to make a genuine connection with a stranger. We all understood that everyone faced challenges throughout the training, and we supported one another through it. We bonded so much that towards the end we all feared that readjusting to our lives at home would be really challenging because we felt so safe in our little yoga tribe. Who at home was going to want to hear about how you just had a yoga breakthrough, and held crow for 5 breaths!? Who was going to spend all of dinner going over a flow with you, and then stay up late making a 2 hour playlist with you? We hit the yoga jackpot. No one told me I’d make friends that would change my life and my outlook on life forever. Those same 15 strangers from the first day are now 15 new and amazing friends that I am happy to have in my life. Read Less Read more

Rehana – USA

Children’s TT - "There are a lot of things kids need permission for...being themselves is NOT one of them." - (ALSY Children's YTT) I knew when I heard these words, that I was right where I needed to Learning to uplift and encourage children to be themselves is something I always strive to do, and being able to combine that ideology with my passion for yoga seemed like second nature to me. The Children's YTT Program at ALSY was such a heart-warming, fun, and educational experience where I learned how to create a safe space where kids can encourage others and express themselves freely. Children are our future and to be able to learn from them is the truly enriching part; the faculty at ALSY completely understand this, and strives to help us develop ourselves as instructors and individuals so we can create positivity and truth in future generations. If you are looking to advance your skillset, or tap into your inner child, look no further than ALSY...join an immersion, find your child within, learn (and play) with like-minded yogis, and celebrate your awakening as well. Read Less Read more

Lacie – USA

Awakened Life School of Yoga came at the perfect time in my life.  The faculty are so exceptional.  My meditation, asana practice and teaching all have evolved and transformed to a completel...y different level with new awareness, mindfulness and education that was provided.  I highly recommend this program for anyone ready to work on themselves physically, mentally and emotionally because all three have the potential and capacity to evolve! Read Less Read more

Angel – USA

You are only strangers for the first 3 minutes then you are right into making life- long friends. This program has shown me how to look inside of myself to find the things I thought I was missing. I h...ave gained so much confidence and skill as a teacher and as a person. If you are looking for a challenging yet compassionate way to grow as a teacher and as a human this is the program for you! Read Less Read more

Christine – USA

I’m so glad I picked this school. I did the 500 hr course, and upon having 200hr teachers who learned elsewhere arrive for 300hr, and they told me about their 200 hr experience, I was glad I did mine It was thorough and detailed, but went into so much more than just asana. Here, yoga is a way of living. I have made friends for life who I now know better than many of my friends at home, including the teachers. They are open, and real as people. It was a wonderful experience on so many levels. Read Less Read more

Megan – USA

Awakened Life has been the most beautiful life-changing experience from the moment I arrived. There was nothing but open arms and unconditional love from day 1 to the end. I truly am blessed to have s...uch a wonderful training with even more wonderful people. Read Less Read more
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